What fan should I use

A question from a fellow grower:

Hi I have two fans one is a temperature control one and the other is single speed could you tell me what one I should use where ie extraction and a it intake … thanks

our fellow grower also adds:

could you please advise on the gold looking marks on leafs and tips thanks

Temp control fan is ideally suited for extraction if you have your room running in a vacuum to control smell fresh air will be drawn in by exhaust fan. you don’t want room/tent getting too cold so a constant fan isn’t the way to go unless triggered by lights and already proven to keep room at perfect temp.

Thanks for your reply I’ve now changed them over …also could you please tell me where the fans temp gauge should be placed thanks again

Fans temp control should be placed in room not directly in light but closer to middle of wall to measure temp within room not at the top or the bottom. Hot air rises and so your exhaust should be pulling out hot air and drawing in cooler fresh air.