What fan should i get for a 3x3 tent? and the importance of one?


im not talking about an intake/exhaust fan. i just want to know a good fan i can get for my 3x3 tent to keep fresh air moving on my plants. I also want to know the importance of one/the necessity of it.



The fan lightly blowing will strengthen the stems and also cut down on changes of mold or mildew. Good luck


oh thats rly good to know


Yes I have the same question. I got a little 20 w fan in there sitting on the ground blowing in the oppstie direction. After 2 hours my grow tent smelled like way better. It smelled like more fresher air. Thats just my expirence so far.


The little 6 in circulating clip on fans work well you can raise them up as the plants Grow.


thanks for the help everyone. i ordered one off of amazon… also did a little research and found this article: https://www.growweedeasy.com/exhaust

i want to now look into co2 supplementation


My first thought is the clip on ones, too. Happy Anniversary @kellydans


Thank you. Couple name brands hurricane or comfort zone


yea here too, could you hit me up if you found anything out about co2 supplementation?


Hey @amosmoses all knowledge is good, but you will probably not use extra co2 for your 3x3 tent. it is a hassle and is mostly used for big (or bigger) grows. not even sure if you would need it if you filled your whole tent up with 1 gallon pots and did sea of green. but indeed read about it , no telling where you might end up in your growing and it helps in planning to have broad knowledge.

as rookies we are in equivalent grade school, co2 is late high school or college studies. :wink:


interesting read for research… @Verdant read what @monkman said though…

@kellydans , i ordered a hurricane


Mate @amosmoses.
I will take any information I can suck up. This website feels like a blessing. I will scan it though and can give you my results if you want too.
If wish I could have built up a motivation like this to read stuff in my school time. Lol. And yeah he is kind of right. But still I guess good to know.
Thanks for linking it