What exactly is this thing

What exacly is this? My ppm readings are are in range of 400-600 when i flushed this plant and ph is around 8? Is it ph or nutrient burn?

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You pH is to high… what are you growing in?

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Might be heat stress.
How close are your lights?
What’s your temps near the plant.

And pH is high as mentioned.
I will say this again … If you stick with One thread instead of starting a new one for each question we would be able to help you better. You have started 24 threads about this plant and I cant go read all of them to find out the history. Its not that hard to find your old thread and post again.


Welcome to the community. Your PH is way high and your PPMS way low. Coco PH should be in the range of 5.6-5.8, soil at 6.5-6.8. At this growth stage the PPMs of your nutrient mix should be around a 1000 :love_you_gesture:


What should i do increase ppm?, for ph i have provided them with water and vinegar and for ppm my fartilizer compsny says to use it in every 8 days, should i add fertilizer again with water in next watering of wait for 8 more days?

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Can you send me your medium, nutrient line and water source? Lighting and your environmental set up as in exhaust and intake, temps and RH :love_you_gesture:

My medium is and i have 1 exhaust, cooler and ac installef in my grow room and temp is around 23-26 degree celsius and humidity in range of 50-60 degrees celsius

Medium is soil

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Temps and RH look good. What kind of soil? Is it pre-amended like the Fox Farm mediums? Do you have a PH and TDS meter for checking PH and nutrient solution and run off numbers :love_you_gesture:

I have ph and tds meters both

It is a potting soil mixed with vermicompost and seversl other things

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Gotcha, are you watering or feeding to run off? Soil medium likes a wet/dry cycle and on watering or feeding days and should be to approximately 20% run off out the bottom of the pots. This prevents salt and mineral build up in the root zone that can lock out nutrient uptake :love_you_gesture:

Can uou please elaborate and tell me in simpler words?

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What is your native language?
I feel like you are struggling here to understand us.

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Hindi it is

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I think he wants to say that 20% water should come out plfrom pot holes underside the pot when watering that means i have to increase water quantity to single plant

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क्या आप पानी पिला रहे हैं या तब तक खिला रहे हैं जब तक कि पानी नीचे से बाहर नहीं निकलता है? मिट्टी का माध्यम एक गीला और सूखा चक्र पसंद करता है, और पानी देने या खिलाने के दिनों में आपको बर्तनों के तल से लगभग 20% तक पानी देना चाहिए। यह जड़ क्षेत्र में नमक और खनिज के निर्माण को रोकता है जो पोषक तत्वों को बंद कर सकता है
kya aap pani pila rahe hain ya tab tak khila rahe hain jab tak ki paani niche se bahar nahi nikalta hai? mitti ka madhyam ek geela aur sukha chakra pasand karta hai, aur paani dene ya khilane ke dinon mein aapko bartanon ke tal se lagbhag 20% tak pani dena chahiye yeh jad kshetra mein namak aur khanij ke nirman ko rokta hai jo poshak tatvon ko band kar sakta hai

Can you read either of these?

That was google translate and probably is awful. I reversed it and it did not make any sense.
We will get you sorted somehow.

Very good sir, thank you

Do you have a PH and TDS measuring device? PH is critical for all Growth stages and without proper PH your plant will not absorb the micro and macro nutrients needed for a healthy cannabis plant. Without those 2 instruments it’s a crap shoot guessing game and deficiencies and issues will be your only way of knowing you have problems, you want to avoid that :love_you_gesture: