What exactly is a full spectrum CFL?

I thought full spectrum CFL’s were around 5000K,but I see 2700K,6500K and other values of K saying full spectrum then others that simply say 2700K and are in a different catagory.
What exactly is a full spectrum CFL or are all CFL full spectrum?

Red, blue and green light make white light, I would call that the “full” spectrum, I mostly think it is a marketing ploy, as all CFLs are mostly white light. 5000 to about 5500, maybe 6000 K are “balanced”, or near “pure” white. 2700K is a little more yellow/orange/reddish and 6500K has a little more blue in the light, but they all still have significant amounts of the other spectra to appear mostly white to our eyes, so I’d have to say they are all really “full” spectrum, if it wasn’t, it would look totally red or totally blue.

I understand.

Yeah. Full Spectrum just means all the colors are there. IN a 2700 it is more red, but has green/blue; a 6500 would be blue w. red/green also.

Does that mean a 2700k cfl is better for flowering than a 5000k cfl?