What exactly does Drip Clean do?

I’ve been searching the site & I’ve even asked this question in another post but I’ve yet to get an answer … lol
House & Gardens Drip Clean is that the same as using Foxfarm Sledgehammer or Mad Farmer Detox? I’ve gotta do a serious flush on my plants. Their ppm is over 5000!:sob:
I just don’t wanna waste money if what I have would do the trick. Lol
Thank y’all in advance!!

Not sure but you can run plain water thru to get those numbers down right now.

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I dunno if I’d use my tap water but regardless should I pH my water? Some say yay…some say nay…some say yeezy…lol

Your just flushing. No need till the last flush of water to go through.

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I forgot to say I’m growing in soil. What does Drip Clean do, though? Lol
All I’m reading are it helps remove salt build ups but more for hydro systems.
Would using Drip Clean be the same as using FF Sledgehammer or Mad Farmer Detox?

Probably the same. Make sure you water to run off so your soil doesn’t build up lots of salts and nutes.

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