What exactly do i pluck from a hermie plant

My plant has developed seeds along the lower branches and have climbed halfway up my branches.
I have seen and pulled a few “nanners” from the colas but is there anything else i should pull? The nanners appeared to be attached to a clump of what looks like could be a seed cluster although they are small and squishy. are they the beginnings of seed clusters?
Does anybody have pics of what exactly I should be plucking?


Have you got picks? to help us help you @gene


Welcome to ILGM, @gene. Photos will help when you can post them.

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It sounds like your nanners may have opened before you got to them. At least some of them anyway. The seed clusters around them are probably under developed seeds that were forming because the nanner dropped some pollen.

Here are

some I took yesterday.

I agree. I kinda figured that when i saw seeds along the lower branches but iI would like to save what I can without further damage. The seed clusters…should they be pulled cut off?

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Well, I would pull them off. You could always see if they mature though. I believe that those seeds would be more likely to grow as hermaphrodites, but others say they have grown herm seeds without issue. Up to you there.

Hold old is your plant maybe a strong desire to reproduce plants do do that when they go pollinated some hermie to attempt to pollinate its self …a seed or 2 here and there mo biggie if that’s all u see …but pluck the nannners to avoid more