What exactly are bannahs?

My friend has two regular fem plants in a room with lots of LED wattage, plants were 2 to 3 weeks into flower and his timer got bumped into 17 hours, for a week, he changed lights back to 12 and 12 but now buds all look weird and bannah shape things sticking out all over both plants. What exactly does this mean? How to address the problem? Thanks guy hope you are kind enough to advise.

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Homie has nanners ! Help a brother/sister out


This might help also! It would make sense since we know they where stressed from light change

Yes and buds look weird. All up and down buds have bannah looking about 3/16 inch long everywhere

Pictures would be AWSOME ! Can you get your friend to send you some so you can upload . All the people I tagged will ask for pictures

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Had ta run some errands, I’ll ask him to get a close up, I don’t wanna go over o got girl in flower too and scared to contamination

Sounds like it may have gone into reveg mode. Leaves start looking real weird when they do that and a week is long enough to cause that. Pictures would definitely help.

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Pictures are not good but

Whole plant looks strange, but will they go back into flower? No male parts? I’ve never seen it before.

Looks like the start of reveg. She’ll go back to flower but could be a few weeks before she does anything.


Welcome to ilgm @and @BobbyDigital has you covered my friend, soild advice :+1:

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Thanks guys… will see what happens

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How did your auto turn out Bobby? I got two going they are 4 weeks old, one I could not stop getting tall and will not yield much but one on left is bushy and should be a lot better

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Ya some better pics of the bud sites would be good if you really think it’s nanners (male flowers with pollen) but just like Bobby said leaves get funky when they reveg. It isnt a plant killer if it wasn’t stressed too much. But here’s one of my clones that I revegged on purpose. Leaves get light green and skinny…

She’s still going. About half cloudy half clear. She might be a two ouncer max.


Yeah definitely kinda looks like could all be like yours weird leaf growth. I looked at it and didn’t know if it was male parts, I will go look again and see if I can get better pics. I have two in flower and a little scared of pollen. Get back soon thanks

Pretty damn crazy looking bud my friend. Impressive to say the least. I will go look at my friends plants and get back with some maybe better pics and talk over what yall said. Thanks

New pictures and I looked close and all leaf regrowth not male stuff at all.

3rd picture is a different plant and she is already going back to flower, so hope they pull through. And hope you weather the storm brother, prayers are with you

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