What Else Should I Get for a Very Bad New Grower

Right I even informed them to possibly add a cool tube to keep the heat in to be ventilated better. But I won’t change my review no matter how much they give me I remember starting out and reviews helped me make decisions. I mean I would hate for someone to post about the issue on the forum and I knew I did change it. Wish the reviews were more honest on my Chinese led I bought would have saved me some cash.

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by one light and skip separate seedling light

Ok, thanks all for your help. My new equipment that were suggested by you guys are coming in a couple of days. I got antsy and put some seeds in wet paper towels. They are Seedsman Bubba Kush and DNA Genetics Kosher Sorbet. I’ll start a grow journal tomorrow or Sunday because I want to harvest some bud to smoke.

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@Zee thank you for contributing. I ordered the following per your recommendation:
Fox Farm Cal Mag, PPM Meter, and the exact fan you suggested.

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@Painfree , I got a ppm meter. Thank you.

@TommyBahama thanks a lot for the loads of help. I got the Mars Hydro TL 1000; I will use Happy Frog. I ordered a 26 watt CFL with 6400k. I didn’t realize it wasn’t 6500k until later. I also bought a clap fixture for the cfl. Here’s a link to the bulb I bought:



@SKORPION thanks a lot for your careful recommendations. I will use only happy frog. I got the Mars Hydro TL 1000. And two 26W CFL 6400l.

@Deal bought the Mars Hydro TL 1000, and two 26 watt CFLs. Thanks.

@IslandGrown76 I bought both. Thanks

Keep us updated on your progress. Happy grow

why these fans zee?

I follow Hellraiser grow, and it’s the ones he uses, plus they’re cheap and do well.

@NewYep take a look at this post, He hangs the fans upside down, using anchors…it’s what I do. Easy to adjust as your plants grow too.

Hellraiser grows Gorilla Glue and other stuff

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Awesome. Good deal

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Fans don’t last long being run 24/7, cheap or expensive, I replace them often and always have a couple new spares around. Really don’t need to move a whole lot of air either, I find these fans move the perfect amount of air and don’t take up too much space. I use the low speed for seedlings and small plants and the higher speed after they get larger, even on high speed - no fear of windburn with these fans. I also find that cleaning them up between grows keeps them working just fine, air flow really goes down on any fan when their blades get dusty.