What Else Should I Get for a Very Bad New Grower

I tried growing twice, and couldn’t get past the seedling stage. I have a 32’ by 32’ grow tent, FFOF, fox farm dirty dozen nutrients, humidity dome, crappy led light, inline fan, ducting, carbon filter, PH reader, temp and humidity reader, and cannabis seeds.

I want to buy a light for seedlings, and a light for the rest of the plant’s life. other things on my list is perlite, ph up and down, and a small fan. Could anyone tell me what type of lights, fans, etc I should get (maybe provide a link)? Also, any other practical suggestions?

What’s your lighting budget?


Pick up some cal mag.

Couple of these fans


And a PPM meter


Get the best light you can almost afford then use your Cheap light on your seedlings. Also a ppm meter.


My budget is around $200 for all the lighting equipment.

I was looking for a small clip on fan. I will get this one. I totally forgot about a PPM meter. I will get one. Thank you.

My current light is a LED with actual wattage of 220. The lowest I can make it is 110W.

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Well then you can do a hps set up or supplement your existing light.

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You don’t suggest I buy a certain type of CFL for seedlings?

I don’t I use the cheap led I bought to start growing with.


Since you are having issues getting past the seedling stage, I would recommend you get some Fox Farms Happy Frog soil to grow in. You can even put a layer of Happy Frog on top and a layer of Ocean Forest on the bottom for the roots to grow into as it gets stronger. Try not to over water - it’s the most common mistake beginners make.

In your price range, I would recommend one of the following lights:
HID: 400 watt air-cooled (see part# KIT400QDAC2 at growerhouse) - get an MH (Metal Halide) bulb for vegetative state and an HPS (High Pressure Sodium) bulb for flowering.
LED: Mars Hydro TS-1000

For the seedling stage, I would recommend a 23 watt 6500K CFL bulb in a parabolic clamp fixture, like the following:


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@TommyBahama means something like this I got one packed up somewhere. Which is what I meant by hps.

Yeah - FYI (for everyone, really) - the light is actually called an HID (High Intensity Discharge) light. The bulbs that go in them are MH (Metal Halide) and HPS (High Pressure Sodium).


Yeah I know but my auto-correct changes that word so I just hps. Tired of editing to fix it.

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I also use happy frog , but I don’t mix it. It throws off my schedule if I do, frog goes four weeks without adding nutrients. Ocean can go up to 6 weeks so now I gotta figure when in there to add. Nothing against mixing just not my style.

i would use led lights for heat purposes unless you are need to add heat to your tent, something like this would probably do you 135W QB® V2 Rspec® LED Kit – Horticulture Lighting Group but if you could up your light budget i would get this 260W QB® V2 Rspec LED Kit – Horticulture Lighting Group to me that most important thing is light with ventilation being next

@Deal made two suggestions the first would be good as a supplement light added to your current the second would be a replacement.

Just another FYI - people often think that HID lighting is higher temperature than LED lighting. That comes from the batwing reflectors of yesteryear. With a modern air-cooled fixture like was mentioned above, you shouldn’t experience any issues.

Not entirely true on the heat issues , I had the exact light I took a screenshot of and fought temperature issues with it as well as humidity issues as a result. I also made mention of it in my review of it. Currently I have emails from Vivosun admitting they have temperature issues and have been refunded $40 and asked to change my review , I refused and they are supposed to get back to me with a updated refund amount to get me to change it lol. I can’t be bought but keep sending me money.


Okay, your case sounds certainly like an exception… sadly, it sounds like a really bad product. Just from the pictures I can see several differences between it and a quality fixture like from a company like XtraSun. Hopefully others will be warned away from it by your review. Most companies would be better off specializing in one thing rather than be mediocre in many. For them to try to get you to change the review… now that’s dirty pool.