What else do you guys grow? Show your garden

I know you guys and gals got green thumbs! What else do you grow? Here’s my “garden”. Ive got tomatoes big and small, sweet and hot peppers, green and purple tomatillos, lettuce, onion, watermelon and strawberry. Plus the start of fuji apple tree🌳

P.s. I threw some Scott’s plant spikes in the veggies and a couple of the flowers… Cant wait to see what happens


This is our labor of love. Going into second year of horrible drought. I gave up trying to keep the grass around there green, even though we are on a water well.

We had a biblical invasion of cut worm moths then flea beetles. I used beneficial nematodes for that then finally resorted to Sevin spray because had I not, we would not have had anything left. Due to the drought we have had no bats. We always sat out at night and watched them come in but have seen only one since March. It is sickening.

Anways, so far have planted: Oriental mustard greens, chard, kale, radish, okra, corn, tomatoes, cucumber, eggplant and several varieties of squash and climbing beans… I ordered the odd but fun looking Chinese snake bean today. I can’t wait until things are climbing the bean poles.

I feel like we are constantly battling something around here. The lack of rain is getting depressing. I just hope when we hit our monsoon season in late July or August we get something but it was minimal last year. Minimal rain this spring. Maybe half inch.


Are you guys vegan? Your veggies remind me of a whole foods or fresh market meal! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: sorry for the lack of rain. At least your produce is green! Thanks for sharing!

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We are about 99% vegan. We do our best at it. I am an endurance athlete, or was until COVID cancelled all the races this year, and sometimes I just need a grass fed steak on occasion.

Here is the weird Chines snake bean which is really from the gourd family. We thought our little grandson’s would love seeing this grow. I ordered the seeds this morning.


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Thats great you got your grandson into growing! I learned on my grandpas farm too! Do you eat the whole thing or does it have pea pods? I try to eat healthy sadly I dont think I could make it without eggs and cheese or dairy.

No worries. Sometimes when I am crashing from long runs of intense weight training I need something fast and mozzarella is good. Also, lately we have been doing eggs, another fast protein for us.

The boys are young. One is 18 months and one is 2 months old (they wanted them close together, lol) they live 4 hours away and have a garden at their home, too. The older one LOVES to waltz through and pick onions and radish. We are starting a childrens area for them with all kinds of odd and fun stuff for the future.

The Chinese snake bean appears to be extremely versatile. Even when it is played out you can scrape the inside of them for a tomato like paste. Eaten young you can slice them and stir fry them or use them like a green bean. Here is the website with a cool video about it.

BTW, our son is wounded warrior and amongst many injuries he has seizures from being shot, hit his helmet thank God, but it still like being hit with a bat. Other gunshot wounds from A-stan and two helicopter crashes. Cannabis keeps him seizure free. He got off of the RX that had him a zombie and the cannabis has worked wonders over the last 5 years or more. We would drive to Colorado, day trip but 4 hours there, to get cannabis for him. Now that we are growing we can keep him supplied better. I am hoping to grow some ACDC soon for him. It is a 1:1 and those strains seem to really help.

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Here is my garden… planted early may and got hit with multiple mornings of slight frost… killed off my tomatoes and peppers but everything else survived. Oh yeah 3 weeks later and my tomatoes plants

are regenerating themselves! And my sole pepper that survived lol.


I am having serious gardening envy! I saw a video on pruning tomatoes and you can take anything you prune off and plant it and it will grow another producing plant, like cannabis cloning. I thought the boxes would be good, and they are, but we have an acre and I realize I need more space for things to spread out like watermelon. So we are talking about making huge long raised beds and a tiller. I grew where we planted our garden on large scale with tractors. This small scale gardening is new to me.

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I grow apples, avocados, boysenberries and strawberries in the yard, in greenhouse is lettuce, pumpkin starts, boysenberry cuttings, and a patch of Thyme. Sunflowers under the guestroom window. Eating avocados like they were potato chips right now: making guacamole and freezing it works well too.

There’s 6 or 7 in the picture if you can find em haha.


We put in a veggie garden. Tomatoes, corn, beans, radishes, carrots, and too many to keep going. My wife loves veggies.


Love that scarecrow!

I took this couple of weeks ago. Eastern Red Bud and an old world strain of Wealthy apple. We used to have 12 or 13 different varieties of apples. Now we are down to Wolf River, Cox Orange Pippin, Yellow Newton Pippin, Northern Spy and of course Red Delicious and Honeycrisp. I have to get some pics of the veg garden


Running behind this year, stayed cold way to long. Busting tail now to fill this space though.


How do you make avocados into chips???

Thats a nice space. Do you hunt it? I assume bow for buck… :dart: lol

LOL, yeah, I grow deer and organic produce. Been doing the veg on the side for a few years but due COVID-19 got layed off back in march so decided to go full time this year.

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Re read what I wrote lol.


Eating avocados like they were potato chips right now: making guacamole and freezing it works well too.

Maybe Im confused but I was asking how you make them into chips. Did you mean you were just eating a lot of them? Lol that just occurred to me

Thats a big business where I am. Theres a little organic only shop thats charging lots and raking it in. They also have elk and wild game.

I thought about repurposing the grow space for strawberries during the winter when everyone misses fruit, then selling them by the basket. Theyve been tough for me to get going though. By far the most temperamental plant Im growing.

Yeah; that’s what I was saying lol.

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