"What Else Do I Need?"

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“its starting to flower and i want to knowe what els i can put in i have a light still struggeling to get the right one and i have a fan is ther any thing els i need in my hrow box”


Temperature and humidity control are key, but she looks healthy and happy for now. Just enjoy the grow and the medicine she provides! :smiley:

If your tent is in your house, and you keep your house temperature and humidity comfortable for humans, your plant should do okay. Commercial growers do strict temp and humidity control, but their grow room is not their living space!

Be on the watch for pests. Get a 60x magnifier on Amazon and watch the back of your leaves. If you see little bugs there you can use some spinosad for two weeks to wipe them out. Aphids actually fly in and are so small you can’t see them without magnifiers.

If you see your leaves getting weird (other than turning yellow and falling off at end of flower) look on web sites for mineral deficiency problems.