What drainage system for growing marijuana in Florida sand?

I grow marijuana in 100% worm castings in Tampa, Florida. What kind of drainage system should I use during the monsoon rains? Will the rain produce a yellowing effect on my leaves? Is it advisable to use organic or chemical fertilizers?

Warm, wet soil digests organic matter sooner because the micro-life works expediently at high temperatures. Compost and manure will likely decompose over the course of the season. Microorganisms will release some of the nutrients as the fertilizers are digested. But, as they start to become water soluble, they could be washed away in any heavy rain.

Bottom leaves that have gained a yellow tint indicate a nitrogen deficiency. To help treat this, you will need to supply the marijuana garden with water-soluble fertilizers that are high in nitrogen. You can prevent this from happening in the next season by mixing time-release fertilizers in the soil. Only use a portion of the recommended amount of fertilizer because hot, moist soil caused the fertilizer to release its ingredients much faster than in normal soil.