What does "veg Time" really mean?

being new to growing im trying to figure some thing out. right now its veg time. I know what veg is and I know it takes 4-8 weeks depending on strain and desires. but when people talk about veg, is it the time from seed to flower? or is it after the seedling is a couple weeks old then you start veg for 4+ weeks? im confused

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Your plants have more than 2 phases seedling before your plant forms any true leafs, Sprout from when your plants has true leaves but is still feeding off water leaves which die off at about 4th-5th set which also coincides with when plants can start to be fed topped and acclimated to intense lighting ( this is when Veg begins) your plant is less fragile and growth is faster.
Flower is likewise broken into phases Transition typically when your plants mature and start to show pre sex even while on veg light schedule, Stretch very obvious with most strains starts within week of switching to flower 12/12 plants can double even triple in height and overall size in a matter of 2-4 weeks. The trick is knowing when they hit flower which is when they start to develop flowers pistils start flower count down here this stage lasts up to 3-4 weeks and leads to buds forming phase 2-3 weeks then referred to as weeks 4-6 bud swelling. Finally ripening weeks 6-8 when trichs are getting milky and also your harvest window.
With some strains flowering can last 12 or more weeks but each phase is marked by tell tale signs honestly it’s dumbed down to make it seem simple and because people often can’t tell you exact stage and many strains are different


That’s a very good explanation @Donaldj
And I’m sure it will be very helpful to many new readers on this forum
Nice job bro :+1::v:️️CB

Lol I was trying to remember technical terms for each phase but as I said as a rule we dumb it down to simple veg and flower so as not to confuse most nute schedules state cutting seedling stage then veg/flower nothing more.
If you look at how the nutrients dosing changes during flowering weeks it becomes quite obvious there are very distinct phases during flower.