What does this Northern Lights Auto rootball tell us


This is a rootball of a Northern Lights auto that I had to harvest at milky instead of 30-50% Amber. A bad storm stomped her.

She was about 24" tall and had pretty good colas. I’m wondering what it tells me about her health in soil. It also had a few seeds from me trying to prop up the broken flowers. Just wondering how to get better results from autos.

They just don’t get very big most of the time.
I’ve tried to follow the advice of several of you and put them in permanent homes, lots of light, and so on. I need them as a tied me over between photo finishes. I’m on Northern Lights butter now because the the photo Widows are 2 weeks away


just by looking at the other plants in your space it looks like your climate control is good. Sometimes autos just dont get big. One thing that has worked for me is to feed often but with a very dillute strength nutrient , no more than a quarter of what the manufacturer recommends.Regular flushes, and keep the veg nutes going for the first week of flower.Flowering nutes are not needed until you have flowers to feed. Good luck.


What are your autos yielding? I haven’t grown allot of autos myself but from what I seen if you can get a quarter pound off of one then your doing pretty good


The most I’ve gotten is 2oz. Most of the time I only get half that. This time I’m doubling down and growing 4 blueberry autos outside and 5 White Widow autos inside. I’ve been avoiding outside because of pests and other things. From what I’ve been reading, the autos can get bigger outside if they’re grown right @TDubWilly


2oz does seem a little low, especially from someone with your growing abilities. I killed 6 autos by putting them outside in August last year. They don’t like 110 degrees when they are seedlings lol. I got my first two autos going since I killed them last year and I am growing them outside again, just got them started earlier this year.

I have no idea what I’ll get, I only say a QP because I know a couple of growers that have gotten good at growing autos and that’s what they are getting pretty consistently. It’s getting hot here in Texas and I have yet to complete a successful outdoor grow so I’m hoping for the best, much different than indoor where I have so much control


Yeah I know it’s getting hot here. As usual we go from winter to 2 weeks of spring, then straight to Summer. I’ve been thinking about that myself. I do have a nice cool place near a creek on my property and far away from nosey neighbors. I live next to a cop, but I think he smokes weed.


Sounds like you live in my neighborhood lol. It’s not Officer Richards is it lol? So far I’m doing ok with these autos but they are still small.

Just took these with a flash light at almost midnight. I love not having to worry about the light leak problem both growing autos and outside.


Let’s just say I’m North Central area. To be honest I don’t even know his last name but his first is Matt. He’s a horse lover. I preferred dirt bikes to horses. Anyway back to the autos. Yours looks way better than my blueberries do right now. If anyone can kill an auto I can. I even had a thread about why mine looked so crappy. One of these days I’m going to grow one right.


Just from following along the different threads, it seems the blueberry does a lot better than the others. So hopefully these will be better. But could entirely be the hands that the blueberry are in too, so really hard to say.


I went outside and put clear cups over them. Maybe they need a little dome action. @TDubWilly s outside look way better than mine.

The WW autos inside look fine at 10 days.

The blueberries are 15 days and look like they’re struggling. As I’ve said before if anyone can ruin one for yield, I can.


I’m like 5 hours from having likes, but look good to me.


Well the blueberry seeds were free and I’ve got 5 more, so… Well you know…try try again. When I first started this I was in so much pain that failure wasn’t an option. Now crappy yields are not an option when I go through an oz in a week just for my needs and am working hard to keep my son and nephew away from pills by keeping them in weed.


I understand, hopefully these give you what you need to make it happen.


Do you get flowers in veg with 18/6 or 12/12


Unless you’re growing autoflower plants, your plant will not flower until it gets 12/12 light.


Wow.nice to know @blackthumbbetty thanks @irma1010