What does this mean on my plants leave?

Autoflower Zkittlez
Ph 6.7
Fox farm soil

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Have you checked for bugs? That looks like bug damage to me.
You also look like you’re in pre flower


Looks kinda like leaf miners to me.
Never had them myself and I have no idea how to fight them.

This might help -


Looks right to me. Also never had em so no clue.

I read something about squeezing the leaves til you squish it. :face_vomiting:

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Pinch those 2 leaves off . Give it some time and see if anything else is happens

@BigItch @DRsDank @Graysin
Leaves have been pinched off lol

Cool time to chill and see what happens. Keep us informed.

@Tylersays thats what im thinking aswell bro leaf minners


@Tylersays @Tylersays @Graysin @BigItch @Aussie_autos

As of today 5/01/22


She’s lookin good. Like she wants to flower a bit. But healthy!

Looking good bro!
Keep your eyes peeled for any other intruders.

Best of Luck to you!!

Yes to this .
Re-pot her she’s definitely in pre-flower based on first pic and now.