What does this look like? Too you

Just on two girls: they are 6 weeks from seed. The nutrients that I used was focused on the buds this was today, the last feeding was what I followed on the recommendations (chart) but at half strength, just like today. The EC and PPM was at range both times. Soil that I use is Fox Farm Ocean Forest mix with COCO. I took a readings of the runoff, just being curious and it was higher then what I put in, should I be worried and is there something that I can do to get a handle on this??? HELP ME???

A marijuana leaf?

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JK others on here will know a “little” more than me good luck

How was your ph? Looks like it might have dropped causing your plant to starve of calcium. Maybe skip a feed you have some really dark leaves and you won’t need as much N moving forward. In a couple weeks you’ll want to give it a P boost (nothing crazy)

Sounds like this was the first switch moving towards more P and less N? Could be a little early for that as well. I’d start with ph and possibly give her a good flush then see how she’s looking at that point. Filling out a grow form would be helpful as well :+1:


Thank you, was about to give both of them a flush with some molasses with a PH water with 6.5
and watch the other two closely and again really appreciated

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I agree with @Sirsmokesalot

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