What does this discoloration mean?

The edges of the leaves are yellow.and curling a little. I just transplanted it several days ago

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A pic would be of much help. But what is it transplanted in and what did u add if anything???

I’m having trouble posting the pic. It went into miracle grow potting soil and I gave ithem.some water with some fertilizer in it.

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Ok before i go thru the steps do u know how to post a pic??

Select this then

This then pic the picture hit the reply but u have to wait for the :heavy_check_mark: to pop up by the trash can before u can post pic. The :heavy_check_mark: means its loaded wait til then. 1 pic at a time. I try and put a blank lone between pics to separate them




I dont know why but i couldnt post this from my phone and i was away from my computer yesterday.

Here is a pic of the plant. Thank you for all your help and suggestions about posting pics,

I’m not an expert, but the MG has time release fertilizer in it and you said you added more ferts. I’m guessing nute burn. That baby is way too small for all that fertilizer.

I’mma tag someone for the first time I think they’ll know @Covertgrower Hope ya don’t mind the tag


This is probably the reason. I would go water only at this point.

Burned tips and twisty leaves are an indication of nute burn or pH problems. Both conditions are common among plants in Miracle Grow. Stop adding nutes. Seedlings don’t need nutes added.

I would use a proper cannabis soil when you transplant. MG and cannabis don’t always go well together. It nukes your plants with nutes and submarines your pH every time you water.


thanks for that - greatly appreciated


thank you - i will do so from now on

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thanks Mark