What does my plant need?


Question from a fellow grower;

Can you tell me which nutrient my plant is lacking? Only 1 or 2 leaves are like it, the rest of the plant looks really healthy.


This appears to be Lucerne Mozaic Virus. :mask:


It sucks that all the mosaic viruses are a bad thing, because they make the leaves so beautiful! I had the tobacco mosaic virus when I first started growing in soil. Then I made sure to ALWAYS wash my hands before I go anywhere near my grow tent or grow tools/supplies. But damn were my leaves so cool looking for a while haha!


A useing canna newts and coco soil now do I mix all the newts together or separate am lost


I"m using Canna nutes myself and was told to mix them.( add them separately) I also added some perlite.
Canna soil is supposed to be flushed to get rid of salt content


Dont fret on that rinsing of Canna soil, in the video that came with the soil and nutes it was said that they cleaned the product before packageing, i did it as my own precaution.


That’s ok I will sort that myself but am having problems with me ph is goin mad to much alkaline can’t u help me with that ??


I don’t believe alkalinity is your biggest problem.

You should consider what @Dumme said above

Here is a link with more info

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