What does "LST" mean?

I’ve seen the acronym “LST” used as a verb, as in; I’m going to LST my babies, but I don’t know what that means.

Can someone please help me and explain?

Thanks in advance,

What is low stress training for 200$?

Lst stands for low stress training


Ding ding ding @Fever you are correct

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LST = low stress training.

Some people LST there plants in order to even out the canopy so that lower branches can receive more light. You bend upper branches down lower govinthe lower branches time to grow taller.

Here is a link to a blog by Robert Bergman discussing LST


Now don’t be dinging like that because it makes me think I am in the middle of Gus Fring getting blown up on BrBa

Hmmmm, I can’t seem to link a file quite right on here so that it shows the preview. Ah well

Haha I forgot about that scene and show it’s been so long! Damn good series though.

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Darn! I thought it was Lucy in the Sky with Turnips.

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LST it s bending over the main stalk so the lower branches grow larger and create their own cola vs having one main cola resulting in a higher yeild.


Sorry I misinterpreted I thought the question was what does the acronym mean.

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@Fever, Your right, what does it mean was the original questions, but the additional information is a help…



“What does whatever lst means, mean?”

Would be the correct way to ask? lol I’m just joking…

After affects of lst ,… I don’t know if it works to well, that was just under 1/4 pound of reggie 3.5 oz I think.

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