What does it mean when your plant starts to cluster during flowering week 4 still no white flowers

Plant clustering?

Pictures could help, but with so little info, it is just a guess, but the clusters might be male staminate pouches, if they have no “white hairs” showing.

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I’d have to agree with Mac on that 4 weeks 12/12 you should be seeing hairs forming buds if not they are likely male or were far to young when flipped

Will reply with pictures very shortly thanks guys

Well pictures are always better with reg light not hps but looks to me like Hermies in the poor light some balls some hairs get another opinion if you could take picture under normal light be easier to distinguish

Yeah, I’m not sure I see any “white hairs”, it might just be thin small developing leaves that in the light, in these pictures, almost look like the “white hairs” we’d be expecting to be poking out some of these clusters.

Otherwise, it totally looks like male staminate pouches to me, so yeah, almost all entirely males, as far as I tell with these pictures, sorry. The males just generally do not make good smoke, so you might want to get rid of them, and start over.

You might want to re-evaluate your growing conditions. Normally you should be getting nearly half and half, male or female from regular “non-feminized” seeds, however there are things you can do to help get a higher chance of females from regular seeds.

The length of the photoperiod can influence sexual expression. Normal flowering, with about equal numbers of male and female plants, seems to occur when the photoperiod is from 15 to 17 hours of light for a period of three to five months. The photoperiod is then shortened to 12 hours to induce flowering. With longer photoperiods, from 18 to 24 hours a day, the ratio of males to females changes, depending on whether flowering is induced earlier or later in the plant’s life. When the plants are grown with long photoperiods for six months or more, usually there are at least 10 percent more male then female plants. When flowering is induced within three months of age, more females develop. Actually, the “extra” males or females are reversed plants, but the reversals occur before the plants flower in their natural genders.

Anytime the light cycle is cut to less than 11 hours, some intersexes or reversed plant usually develop. This fact leads to a procedure for increasing the numbers of female flowers indoors. The crops can be grown for three months under a long photoperiod (18 or more hours of light). The light cycle is then cut to 10 hours. Although the harvest is young (about five months) there will be many more female flower buds than with normal flowering. More plants will develop female flowers initially, and male plants usually reverse to females after a few weeks of flowering.

Of the other environmental factors that can affect sexual expression in Cannabis, none are as predictable as the photoperiod. Factors such as nutrients or pruning affect the plant’s overall health and metabolism, and can be dealt with by two general thoughts. First, good growing conditions lead to healthy plants and normal flowering: female and male plants occur in about equal numbers, with few (if any) intersexes or reversed plants. Poor growing conditions lead to reduced health and vigor, and oftentimes to confused sex in the adult plant. Second, the age of the plants seems to influence reversals. Male plants often show female flowers when the plant is young (vigorous) during flowering. Females seven or more months old (weaker) often develop male flowers after flowering normally for a few weeks.

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Sorry was hoping you’d get a favorable result and was just the pictures

No bigs, I totally see what you see in some of the pics, but when you blow them up and take a super close look, it doesn’t seem to be hairs.

Not really even a criticism at all, just a comment to clarify why I don’t think it is hairs or hermi flower, but maybe just plain males.


Thanks macg threw them out getting ready for next go around