What does everyone think about Sea of Green? (SOG)

I’m thinking about doing a SOG grow in my tent next. I’m limited on time and space and want an easy grow.

Limited time…

Sure if you have a pile of clones rooting! I love green seas! Let’s grow!

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Sogs ideally use clones. My first grow was a 7 plant sog, 3 different strains. It was not a good time when a couple chocolope decided they were gonna leap over the strawberry cough plants over night. Broke two trying to super crop and keep an even canopy. Clones are all the same plant. Easy to get an even canopy and maximum yield. If you have plants a foot higher than others, you gotta raise the light a foot for the higher plants. And now the shorter strain will end up loose and airy, unless you super crop or something to bring them back into height. I wouldn’t have done my first grow any other way. Learned a lot real fast. Will only ever sog again with clones, though.


I love growing sog you can fill your space quick like a 5 week veg and go straight into flower but if humidity is a problem where you live I don’t recommend it mold is a scary mofo


Yeah ain’t that the truth MeEasy. I live in the Tenn. River valley, Ohio valley and Mississippi river. I don’t live in all those valleys! Lol but I live where they all connect! I’m 539 ft. Above sea level and the humidity is hard on my autos. My old school seed work like a charm. I guess they have gotten used to the humidity over the years. Hope I helped!


Hey all sorry if I’m posting in the wrong section. I’m new here my last spot got robbed…… anyways I have 24 of the gorrila glue strain for a 4x8… will they……
Do good as single colas or should I top them i reslly wanted 2 or 3 gallon mmp pots. Die does this strain so will it bulk up or should I train tray utbknnkik Ku un ve va