What does everyone think about drying in a refrigerator

Remember, above all. No food in the weed fridge. And no food in the weird freezer either. At least with a freezer on top type of fridge any food in the freezer the odors will migrate down into the fridge. Obviously in the fridge anything that’s not a can of beer is going to produce some odor and you don’t want that either

the freezer of my weed fridge is used for freezing trim for bubble hash


So all and all is it worth doin do u get a green taste or do u just get the full taste and flavour of the weed

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The small amount I smoked last night was Smooth and no Green Taste at all Because it has not cured long enough only about a week. I could not stop myself. Due to by the evening my OA Pain is insane the body is inflamed with nerves going like flames

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Yah i know what u mean i have nerve pain in my back and down my legs im baked right now

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So what if you added say some lemons to the fridge if it’s a lemony strain?
Or strawberries for say strawberry cough, or whatever fruit the strain going in resembles…

Would or could this increase a desired smell and taste :thinking:

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Interesting thats a good question

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@1HappyPappy i’ve mess with that sort of thing by putting lemon or orange peels in jars with curing weed before and I’ve never found it to be anything worth doing task just a trial experiment. Not my thing but I would think you need at least half a dozen oranges to make my fridge smell like oranges for very long.

@Tezza2 in my opinion this is a legit drying method. I could very easily be hanging my buds in the closet or whatever else to dry but I choose to do it this way because I like the results.

The only other thing I really want to try in the drying and curing game is freeze drying.


Got some stuff in the freezer that’s going to be used for bubble hash I put it in fresh and it’s almost completely dry after a week. It’s in a chicken feed bag.

I didn’t like for your pain but for the fact thAT WE can grow pain relief

One day i will try to dry in a refrigerator just to see the difference

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iN ABOUT TWO THREE WEEKS WE/I WILL SHARE OUR EXPERIENCES with all you all. We did have some buds “get clipped” by accident due to the 1 1/2 hours it took to do the trimmings and I put them in our dehydrator

and then I’ll put them in mason jars and wait a bit.


I will be looking forward to seeing how ur drying process turns out

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I have the temps ok but I checked last night a the RH was 30% ,so I put a mason jar in the fridge full of water with the paper towel wicking the water out of the jar. brought it up to 55%. I have a small fan to do airflow but shut it off. Is this a good way to keep RH where it should be? @BobbyDigital @Nicky

Thanks for ur feedback i will be looking forward to hearing more and seeing the end product

Wait your drying in your fridge?
I personally haven’t done that with flower, definitely a rag or a paper towel or misting the walls will help.
I need a spare fridge to dry hash and flower lol

@Deez freeze drying is amazing if you get a decent one and know how to use it, but soooo expensive the only way to pay for one would be to be Commerical or allow people to use it for a fee and that brings un wanted attention.
Would love w freeze dryer for my bubble hash though ugh

I agree, you wouldn’t want any food in fridge or frrezer, it can phuck up the aromas.

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I have had to check it and use a big sponge get it wet to keep the RH correct and that seems to works the best its been stable for days. 48% 54% temps are ok

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