What does 50% feminized mean?

Correct, you and I sir, are on the same page! LOL…this one was difficult, time for a roll up I feel!

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I second that!


So why in the catalog is there a “50%’ term. The seeds are feminized but there is that pesky numeric. The catalog says:

Gold Leaf feminized 50%!!!

I don’t get it

They couldnt guarantee that ratio if they wanted. #1) in order to be 50/50 they would need to be able to guarantee males and females
2) The ratio of females to male in regular seeds is 90% male on avg, Im pretty sure.

I would contact the vendor and ask about them. It could be some kind of beginners breeding pack. If so it would behoff the company to mix both males and females sure but, rather stupid to not seperate and label them. What if you only plant 5, and those 5 just happen to be the male side of the pack, leaves you screwed on having them sex at the same time or close to it.


This is political? Snowflakes!


They are feminized seeds - 100% female (or actually more like 99.8%)

The 50% refers to a discount - 50% off Gold Leaf if you buy it during the checkout process.

Just to clarify.


:point_up:t3: correct. I thought this was pretty obvious when i seen it, but maybe not.

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50% fem could be they play both sides if the fence :thinking:

Not really. Seeds that are feminized are nothing else. Regular seeds you don’t know what they’ll be. Probability says there is 50% chance each seed is a female, but nobody can guarantee a 10 pack will have 5 of each. I suspect this is something like an error in punctuation or just not fully comprehending text somewhere.

Man shoulda told that to last bag of mystery beans…lmao.
I kind of read this as either wordimg for freebies or a mix of reg seeds and feminized.

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Not from here. It’s literally an offer to get a 50% discount on a specific strain of feminized seeds.

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Wouldnt overthink it bud, try planting twice as many seeds as you want in your grow space in anticipation that prob half will be males and move on from there. Best of luck bud

My ILGM seeds are and have been 100% Fems and all germinated in a tad over 24 hours…
Choosing a reputable seed company and you should have no problems… This seasons order I had an error with my order…ILGM promptly corrected it no problem,no hassles That means a lot when you are counting on a company.

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Here is where it occurred. It looks strange, but that the name includes pricing deals is a little strange, but understandable. I musta bought some real heavy duty seeds if they cost $70+ at half off?!?!

(Attachment Order # 2522183.html is missing)

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You can’t link like that here, post a screenshot please.

I don’t think it has anything to do with what you purchased but status of your account. Maybe something like your first order or whatever. Doesn’t matter if you spend $70 or $700 the system will randomly generate an offer for 50% gold leaf if you qualify.


I even got that deal when I purchased the Hero Mix Pack :rofl::rofl::rofl: good call @Graysin buncha stoners thinking way too hard lol


AM I the only one that’s stoned here or am I missin something…? :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t get where and who those 50% `ers are from… or why ( If your not propagating) would you even buy any beans that were not “feminized” anyway???I don’t get it? :laughing: :pensive: :sleeping:


The 50% was in reference to the discount the seeds were purchased under.

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