What do ypu record/log in

Was curious to see what everyone logs or records there grows in. Or what kind of journals everyone keeps. I just bought a grow journal designed for keeping track of your grow


That’s nice. Where did you get that.

Right on Amazon, its great…pretty much just fill in the blanks its has everything already organized for you

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There’s a patient option also

Been wanting an app for my phone. But I do loose leif notebook right now, ugly and unorganized. That’s better than I have right now.


Yeah I’m doing same now, thats for my next grow I just grabbed this last week


If you pay attention around here you can learn all kinds of chit
I have for sure!

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What do you do???go to Amazon and search marijuana grow note book! LOL

I keep my journal, nutrient schedules etc in excel spreadsheets.
part of a current journal

nutrient feed schedule - part 1

Part 2

The last schedule is where I adjust pH & ppm
I started out keeping hand notes and schedules. The problem is I can’t even read my own writing, schedules were inconsistent and not very well organized.
These work for me.


Can you take a pic of the front of the book so I can recognize it please. Thanks.

I’d have to quit smoking for a month just to read that!

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Grow journal cannabis…just type that in lol



My daughter has a friend that makes apps. Hmmmm
I have to talk to him about a possible app idea.


That’s cool I just keep forum grow journals an look at them if I forgot anything I would’ve lost all the pics of my first 3 grows if I hadn’t ( phone broke)

Maybe something leaning more sativa would work

I use a regular ass notebook and back up data in the Grow With Jane app.

@Gunther11 hey man I like that!!! Maybe look into it…Funny you asked that question because for last year and this years …I was supposed to jot down my notes about the grows in a dollar store composition notebook…But haven’t done it yet lol…Ive been using a calendar to jot down info …but there’s not enough space @ times so maybe I will finally get down to it I like your Grow Planner too! or just use the ones I have…

Cant find that one and all the others dont have screen shots of their note pages like yours. Could you post a link to it? It ok as long as it on Amazon. Sorry to be a pain.


Did u guys try and download grow with Jane and try that on the phone or laptop ect. App stores have it.