What do you use for nutrients?


I using Fox Farm trio right now. I am getting low on them and looking into trying something different. What is everyone using?


advanced nutrient sensi line is doing well for me @Smokin_ernie


Just looking on a high times article and advanced nutrient is number one pick. Could be on to something.


I’m just going with @garrigan65 soil mix and whatever teas he tells me to use. I’m trying to keep things easy and simple :blush:


I hear you simple is good.


i use bud candy,big bud,rhino skin,b-52,and voodoo juice…
along with the sensi coco a+b
when flowering i use a granular powder as well…flower fuel…
mammoth p as well


are all those by advance nutrients? I have heard of the bud candy and rhino skin.


all except the flower fuel


I use general hydroponic 3 part line of nutrients… I grow In rdwc systems mind you…
So i use the grow , micro , bloom and for additives i use , diamond nectar , cal-mag , silica blast and a fruit and veggie inoculat and for microbes I use hydrogard and orca…
And when in flower I use all of those plus crystal burst , turpinator , snow storm ultra and gravity…
Just how I roll … :wink:



I use the General Organics Go Box. Cheap and easy for me, about $40 for the box, and it covers a few plants from start to finish before I’m close to empty on anything. But feeding according to their schedule causes some bottles to be near empty while others are still near full. I’m considering trying Nectar For The Gods.


Thanks @peachfuzz now what makes it different if at all being in soil vs rdwc? The amount you have to put in?

Thanks @elheffe702 That company came up in one of the articles I was cruising threw and it faired pretty well. I considering going with the NFTG the hydro shop near me sells it. Along with advance nutrients and another brand that can’t remember.


I’m pretty sure NFTG will send you a sample pack to try it.


Yes they did in the past it would be worth looking into. I think it was just shipping cost.



That’s all good but what did you pay for all you have. Granny just needs water and some micro to help break down her nutrientns in her soil. And tea every now and then. I don’t p h or do ppm all i do is what grabnnys doing only i dont see my girls twice lights on lights off thats it


i’m still coming out on the cheap will…lol
i have my soil i built last grow,that i need to re-compost…lol it did very well,i went as close as i could to your recipe.


@elheffe702 just sent a request for a sample pack for NFTG so we will see what happens.


I use 3 different lines. Advanced nutrients micro grow bloom b52 voodoo juice sensizyme bud igniter big bud overdrive and flawless finish

NFTG I bought the same line up in the sample pack

Remo nutrients I can’t remember all the line I used. It was a while ago and although I liked them best it wasn’t financially smart.

But AN I have been really happy with and I stay with NFTG soil. It seems to b the best with roots 420 as a close second


That’s all it takes my friend. I reuse my soil As a mater of fact that’s what the giant blueberry is growing in.


and it is doing very well!


They are in there 6th week of floeer and i have been tieing ttheir limbs do to the weight.