What do you use ABV for

Just recently I began using my Azier for vaping. Couple questions that I have are 1.what do you all use your vaped matter for? and 2 how long can you vape a bowl, is there a way to tell if its so called fried, like ashes when you use other methods of burning one. thanks in advance and happy growing :rofl: :bat: :crazy_face:

We use it as a seasoning right along with salt and pepper.

I’m hoping others have some cool insights on how to tell when the vaping is done. We’re still guessing but right now when the vapor is no longer warm and tastes like crap it’s done. We usually take a couple more hits just to make sure.


I’m confused…what is the efficiency of the vape??? Do you get 50% ,60%,70%, of the thc the first time vaping it??? How much is left in the “ash”.

Doesn’t turn to ash because there’s no combustion. Just looks like old dried up weed when you’re done. How much is left depends on how much you vape off it. We dump ours once the terps are gone and it tastes like stale smoke. This is what it looks like when we dump it. It’s ready to just eat right out of the vape pen. I mixed it in my coffee. My wife has mixed it in some smoothie things she makes


I do the same as @BobbyDigital, vape until flavors are gone then dump.
not very efficient but I have way more dope than I can possibly use even being inefficient.

I have mixed the ABV with peanut butter and with hummus. I then spread it on crackers.
Made me stoned all day and into the next morning. LOL


Thanks, that is what my weed looks like after vaping. I was not sure if I was using my weed to its fullest potential. I did notice that the terps slowing losing its flavor.

Lol, yeah. I was stoned off my ass for at least 24hrs. Went a little too hard with it.


Yup…1 full teaspoon is a bit more than needed for one person, it seems.

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I am going to try what the wizzard said about the peanut butter and crackers. :rofl: :bat:

Lol, I did a tablespoon thinking there probably wasn’t much left in it.


1 teaspoon was not overwhelming, just long lasting. I must admit that I had vaped before the ABV crackers and continued to vape after the crackers. What a stoner!


@merlin44 I like the way you think, sounds like your way of using is similar to mine. Stone cold. :rofl: :bat:

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Put a teaspoon on my scrambled eggs this morning. Mellooooooow.


Jack Greenstalk mentioned this past Sunday that he started processing his ABV into FECO with great results.

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@KeystoneCops could you please explain what FECO is, not certain what this is. thanks :rofl: :bat:

FECO is what Rick Simpson wants people to call RSO. When you look up recipes, remember that he’s in Canada and they sell certain solvents unadulterated (I think naphtha was one) whereas the US requires poisons to be added to some (already toxic) solvents. I believe people use grain alcohol from a liquor store now. If you order ethanol off Amazon, it will have toxins in it.

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Do you mix it with the coffee grounds then brew it or put some in your mug? I tried it by adding it to my sugar and then pouring my coffee in. I was spitting the ABV out for 20 minutes LOL. PS. I was a little high when i tried it.


I haven’t tried brewing it. I just chewed my coffee.


I’ve heard the best method to use abv is to boof it.


Just joking. That seems to be the common smart ass answer on Reddit though if you go searching there.

I’m currently water curing a couple ounces of abv and going to make some tincture with it.
Never done it before, but I figured I’d give it a shot.

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Interesting, let us know what the results are. :rofl: :bat:

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