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I’m buying a new light for my 2 by 4 foot tent next week and have it narrowed down to two lol. I’m planning on putting down at least two plants (I hope!). Any suggestions on which would be better? Of these two or just in general? My budget is about $


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@dbrn32 is the light guru

The Mars may not be the best LED, but it will work fine for a 2x4. A 1000w HID will flower something like a 5x5 or 6x6, but will draw 700 more watts from the wall and generate a lot more heat.

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For a few more dollars you could get 2 Mars Hydro TS1000s and have the same total wattage with a little more adjustment flexibility.

So the hid will cover more space but use more electricity? If my understanding is correct, and I don’t have an issue with electricity use, should I go hid instead of led ?

That depends largely on your space and how well you can evacuate heat. If heat and power costs aren’t issues HIDs will definitely cover more space for a smaller initial investment.

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Because 5x5 coverage for under $300 lighting is great, in comparison to spending almost a thousand for 5x5 coverage from an led. Im also thinking if buying a new light, 4x4-5x5 coverage, but I’ve been looking mainly at leds. And my budget only allows me to look at the mars, spider etc price point lineup. I was thinking of buying two mars ts1000 for around 300 in total. I have more thinking and evaluating to do. Mars, spider, vipra are all affordable, but maybe one hid for about same price may do the trick. Any other suggestions would be awesome.

Personally I would stay away from ViparSpectra and any of the Spider Farmer knockoffs like Maxsisun. HLG makes great LEDs, but they are pricey.

There are a few unbranded lights on Amazon that are almost direct copies of some of the bigger name LEDs at a fraction of the cost, but being unbranded, there’s no telling what the support is like. I can say that at least one grower on the forum was pleasantly surprised by his though. I’m planning on getting one myself.

De 1000 watt hps is too big for a 2x4. I don’t really like the stuff from mars either. I would look at one of the fixtures from hlg or chilled tech if I had a 2x4.

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