What do you think, transitionig

@yoshi My white widow is in day 4 of trans, how long do i feed trans. nutrients(1tsp floramicro, i tsp floragrow, 2 tsp florabloom)? Should i lollipop, i have already done once right before putting it in trans. and i’m afraid to do it again i don’t wont to take off to many leaves. Here is a couple of pictures, what you think?

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That’s a fine-looking plant! I’m not Yoshi but the transition dose to bloom is 2-2-2

not what you’re feeling it

  • best wishes!

So, on my next feeding i should do the 2-2-2? What about defoliating or lollipopping? Should i try it

You’re asking the wrong guy I’m not much into that stuff but I’m sure you’re going to find people who going to tell you yes

I believe every leave you take off slows the plant down, particularly in vegetation. I do pull some leaves off in flower but not that many


Were i like to defoliate mine. I even do it to my autos but only lightly.
But saying that your plant looks great. I only do mine when there is to much light being blocked from my plants. Yours to me look like light will still reach lower branches.
But lollipop the bottom 1/3 would be great i think.

Take a photo of bottom half of the plant and I can give you a better options , but she has bush out nicely so whatever your instincts tell you follow that cause you doing a great job without my coaching honestly . She is definitely ready for the scrog screen yes and every member would agree to that , great job buddy she looks fantastic .

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@yoshi To Yoshi and all others thanks for your help to this point.I did do some defoliating. l will send some before and after pictures after i let it grow for a few days.

@ yoshi Here is a picture of underneath

Okay great as I was thinking you have done enough defoliating , "You don’t have to do know more for now " , she is perfect and ready for the big switch if you ready to flower her .

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This is day 7 trans, I, feeding transition bloom stage nutrients (2-2-2, calimagic). My runoff ph level after last feed (11/6) was 6.1,ph level of feed was 6.5.This is what she looks like 1week trans what do think?

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Man she is beautiful and ready to flower .

@yoshi When you say ready for flower, what do i do ? Do i change nutrient dosage, do i flush,if so when? I already have it on 12/12 light schedule.

Keep feeding what you’re feeling it for another week or two and then change to flower formula, keep the lights as you have it, you’re all set

Right if you already in 12/12 than that’s it , I did not know you had made the switch , I thought you were still in vegging .

Sorry bud I didn’t mean to step on your toe but I didn’t know if you’d be back and I didn’t want him to change anything especially the 12/12 I didn’t want him to change it back

I’m following your new thread, I have some seeds just popping up, going to post the picture an invite you to the thread after I vote, come check me out if you get the chance :thumbsup:

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@Paranorman you didn’t do anything wrong my friend , besides you were correct , but many don’t know your skills , and has no clue on the massive size colas you be growing , but I do cause I’ve seen a few of your las test harvest and man they really don’t want you to enter I the bud of the month contest , cause them last buds I seen was tremendous .

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Hey buddy thanks for the kind words! I got one for you she’s not massive but she sure is pretty! I brought the temperatures into the 50s and she started to turn purple

It’s true this is only my second soil grow, but I do have a decade of hydro experience, but I’m loving soil, I’m not going back!

Check out my new grow if you get a chance I’ll send the invite later when I get a chance to post some pictures, also I explained my passive hydroponic seed starting system system (try saying that three times fast LOL) in another thread I’ll send the link


@Paranorman you has to be the first I heard say not going back to hydro , but in my opinion I think soil taste much better and is more resinous than hydro . But I’ve never done a hydro grow but many soil and coco coir grows , so maybe you can help me , help me and I might can help you .

@fella1451, on the next watering raise the PH to 6.7 then water .(It’s to raise your run off up a little bit )
Hammer .

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@Hammer Do I use feed with nutrients or plain water