What do you think - rot?

Please take a look at this girl. Do I have rot? Is it going to seed? I may have waited a little long to harvest? Amnesia Haze 78 days from sprouting. I don’t think the trichomes are ambering yet so didn’t harvest. Now getting rot I believe.

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Difficult to say for certain, the first photo looks like possible rot issue (I am mostly reacting to odd coloring) but the second looks excellent. If you can carefully spread the bud open, you may be able to see if the odd color is coming from the inside to outside or other way around. Bud rot normally started in the middle and works it’s way out.

I can’t tell if it is forming seeds, I do see swollen calyx which is normal and good late in flower. Did you have a male plant that produced pollen? Did you have a hermie produce pollen? The only way seeds form is from the female plant getting pollenated from a male plant or a hermie.

On closer examination, I may see a few “nanners” that would indicate the plant is hermie which means you may in fact have seeds forming. Bummer if that is the case.


The dark areas, if you kinda fold bud open a little botrytis will be rotten and mushy looking.

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Is it something I did to cause hermie? I thought that might be the case. I don’t think I have any male plants. I had to have pollen from somewhere because I have found a couple seeds. Not experienced enough to know when it went hermie. I can only grow outside so what a bummer. Hopefully my others don’t do this. Should I cut this plant down or is it too late and may have effected my other plants?

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I would be much more concerned over the potential rot issue than the seeds and hermie issue.

If the hermie has produced pollen, it is likely that any plant near by has been affected.

Regarding possible rot, it you have determined that there actually is some rot I would be taking immediate action to minimize the spread of that nasty stuff. Get rid of the plant with rot (or at least get rid of the rotted areas) and rinse the others with hydrogen peroxide water and hope.