What do you think of these seedlings? A bit of spotting and yellowing on lowest leaves

You guys were totally right, thank you very much!
I wouldn’t call it significant root bound but the roots definitely had found the boundary of the container! And I’m certain my mistake was with the bottom feeding water. Even when the top felt dry, the bottom was water logged, and this combined with the fact the plants were root bound had a worse effect.
I did a soil pH test about half way down the container, it was between 6.0-6.5, not the key issue.

Here they are in their new containers:


Yep, they’d had enough of their old house. You can likely expect some slow growth as they explore their new house. They should perk up soon.

this is the beginning of root-bound.!
large, course roots circling the container.
with proper watering they won’t get root-bound as quick…

cannabis plants hate that.! LOL
always top feed and do not let them sit in water/nutrient solution.!!
use the flood to drought watering method and the roots, plants, and grower will be happy.!

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Well it’s been a week… but it feels like a month! Does anybody else get that feeling growing weed sometimes? I’m just so eager to see them improve that time seems to take forever! Lol, smoking the product helps with that I hear.

Here they are. I trimmed away most of the yellowed leaves as they died off. 3 of 4 plants seem to have rebounded which I’ll top this evening, but the other one doesn’t seem to have improved much.

My watering has been less than a litre per plant and I’m reading that a good watering is a quart or so, enough to wet out the whole pot and cause some amount of runoff. I am going to try starting that tonight.

Also started using liquid nutrients for my first time. Root Farm. mixed it to the seedling strength (half the full strength) but only used 500ml of water on each plant. Going to mix up 4L of it now.

Also got a pH test drop kit so I will report back what my water pH is both going in and running off.

Word! Let me know if any of that sounds crazy. Thanks for the support!

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Nutrient solution went in around pH 6.0 and came out around 5.0.
Looks like a pH adjustment is in order.

Just for your info. My plants are about 40 days old, in 3 gallon pots and I have only been giving about a qt of water to each plant once every 5 days. Right or wrong but you can see the pics in my journal.

Hope it helps.

That’s helpful man thanks.
I gave them just more than a quart, enough to have them fully run off. Mainly just to take a reading of the pH at the root zone. I concur that I won’t be feeding them again for several days.

Just took a poke through your journal, your first grow is looking great so far!
Here’s a link to my first grow:

I literally just smoked my first homemade weed ever tonight from this plant and it was fucking great! Does what its supposed to do!


Can any of you please reccomend a good ph meter?

Congrats. Ive been burning through my first harvest too

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@Cubfan63 I use the apera ph20.


I also have an Apera, love mine. I had previously bought a couple cheap ones. I’m a clutz and dropped one in water, the other I spilled water on. Both are now junk. That’s when I decided the Apera was well worth the money. It’s waterproof :slightly_smiling_face: I have the PC-60 good luck on your girls :v::green_heart:


I have the same one. Make sure u buy extra 3M KCl storage solution.

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Hey guys, I topped weed plants for the first time. Man it just doesn’t feel right cutting such a healthy plant back but I get why it’s done.
I’m attempting to manifold/mainline the plants and following instructions. Should I take the statement “top down to the third node” literally? Or do you think it’s ok to top down to the second node if those growth tips are already looking good and healthy?

This girl has been topped to the 3rd node but those growth tips at the 2nd look good, am I safe to go down one more node??


Thx Midwestnewbie!

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Couldn’t be bothered with waiting so I topped down to the lowest healthy node. :slightly_smiling_face:

idk if this will be heard, but…

i would get them healthy before trimming anything, especially topping.!!

your roots were brown and course, definite problems in the ‘soil’.!
look at the root structure/color in the pic i posted, fine/white is healthy roots.!!

try getting pH between 6.2 and 7.0, preferably 6.4 - 6.8.!
the run-off pH is coming out low from 2 reasons…
no dolomite lime in the mix and over-watering, still.

in general…
u r over-mothering your plants.!
your impatience is stunting growth and causing unhealthy ‘soil’.

Come on man that’s kind of a harsh perspective.
You’re telling me a plant going from this:

To this:

In eight days is stunted growth? Or anything less than healthy soil?
I made a few calculated moves to give them their first nutrient feeding and one watering which allowed me to measure the pH going in and out. I am more informed now that I’m measuring pH and going to water with 7.0 corrected water to normalize pH levels. It’s not over-mothering or impatient.
Happy to recieve feedback from anyone else if you have any advice for me.

not sure where to post first time old fart over 66 year old this is new hobbies. had 3 sprout two leaf grew to 4 or 5 inches then died did not over water started in potting soil and worm casing,led lights temp 70 to 78 Fahrenheit. have 5 other different strains doing better

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I’m going to treat this thread as a journal if that’s ok?
Here they are after their second topping taken on March 6:

And here they are today:

I’ve been doing a nutrient feeding with every second watering, and I pH it up to 7. I’ve only had the chance to check runoff pH a few times and it’s still in the low 5 range. Should I try to top dress with dolomite to bring pH down? Or flush? Or continue adjusting what I water with up to 7?

I’m working on a recirculating DWC plan for my third grow… :slight_smile:

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Here they were yesterday:

And here they are today after some light pruning, and I added tomatoe cages and got rid of their previous ties:

Here’s a look at the undercarriage:

Anyone have any feedback on how their state of health looks?
It’s been about 4 weeks since they were seedlings, but they don’t seem to have much height. The way I pruned them earlier surely played a role in slowing growth. But they are only about a foot tall, I feel like I should give them another 2 weeks of veg, what do you think?