What do you think of my blueberry muffins?

@Ironman26 I think you’re right I backed my light off and they are bouncing back wonderfully. It was a new light and I don’t think I knew how powerful it is. But have a look at my blueberry muffins!! I have been able to get my humidity down as far as 16% and she is frosting up beautifully and getting some dark colors from low temps at night!! @The1stTimer @Myfriendis410 @Ah-hee @Ah-hee


Looking very very nice!!! Dont go over board with the stresses late in flower. Last thing you want is those pretty ladies making boy parts at the very end of things. It isn’t very common but it does happen.

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Just be careful as this low seems to reduce the terpene profile. Plants look great!


Yea the humidity is just naturally low I don’t even have a dehumidifier I just got really lucky I guess it’s been very dry where I live. I stuck some damprid in the tent to help get it a little lower but I’ve been trying to keep it between 25%-30%. But it usually fluctuates between 25-40%. Now that you told me that @Myfriendis410 I will definitely take the damp rid out and it’ll probably stay around 40%. Thank you @Ironman26

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@Ironman26 do you do 48 hours of darkness before harvest?

I won’t be able too with my multiple plants and they won’t harvest all at once

I’m more an advocate of doing an extended flush while monitoring runoff then harvest from a normal over night dark period. Seeing the salt levels drop in the media to determine when seems to produce a smoother cured smoke.

Don’t forget to do a bud wash in peroxide too. It will remove environmental crap (skin cells, dust, mites, dirt, hair etc and I believe extends the storage life of the cured flower as it also kills white powdery mildew which is pretty endemic in a lot of regions.

One plant; indoors.

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