What do you think of Auto grow seeds?

I have grown last year and had good results, and also grew last winter indoor and had ok results. When I was in the process of moving to a new place, I planted outdoors and had poor results.This was with a regular fem seeds.
I wanted to try something new. When I get settled in a new house, and also for outdoors in the spring, trying to grow Auto grow seeds.
I also plan on trying regular again…since I will be there I will be able to tend to them better.
My question is:
What do people think of the auto flowering seeds?

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@Larry815 I have grown 4 different auto strains and they are great for faster harvests, if you have space constraints, lighting is more flexible since it will flower under any schedule. They typically don’t produce as much and they don’t like to be stressed the way photo plants do. I like growing both. Can’t go wrong either way! Best of luck :+1: Holler if you need anything


In my experience, they weren’t any faster than photo plants indoors. May be a slightly different story outdoors though. If you’re growing indoors you get to decide when to start flowering stage with photos. So you can change to flower light schedule after 3-4 weeks and they will finish as fast or faster than auto. Or, you can veg them out for 8-10 weeks and grow a much larger plant. The point is, you have that control with photo plants. With an auto, you get what you get. Sometimes they will start to flower when they’re only 8” tall, and sometimes it will be longer than a month. And if you stress them, they will almost certainly start flowering prematurely.

I like photos because of the control. I don’t typically like to grow large plants, so there’s really no difference in harvest time. But if I screw anything up, or just get a plant that doesn’t want to grow as fast, I can always add that extra veg time to make up for it. As to where I’d just be stuck with a small low yielding plant with an auto. The only real advantage of the autos is that you can usually get by without being light tight. But even then light leaks sometimes cause them to herm.


Auto flowers has come a long way in potency and bud development , I had some autos produce higher potency levels than the regular feminished of the same strain . Now if you grow them in the sun outside verses indoors , it’s a much better chance the plant potency will be higher due to direct sunlight .


I went auto for first grow. Less chance of messing up in flowering period. You don’t have to worry about light leaking in during dark time. Less to worry about is always good. I grow one or two at a time so I went to photo to try and get more of a harvest


If you get good genetic strains in auto flowers and top them at the right time , you can get mass weight out of autos to but it’s a very delicate science you have to learn by experience , which mostly advance growing requires , but always grow a plant of sacrifice and write every detail down on how the plant responded and take that information and utilized it in some of your safe growing plants , don’t be shy to push one plant more than others , you can miss out on great results , besides it adds character to you’re technic in growing , learn and re-learn every grow .


whats not to love when grow outdoors and a open field?
indoors too, less problem, but want more lights (energy) if you go same 3-4 months schedule like U go with fems.
But outdoors uhh, my first year outdoor autos is nearly here, now i have much less hassle with them. Everyday covering twice a day ,exact same time 3 months.
We have 3 month summer, 18 h of sunshine, ideal for autos :slight_smile:

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