What do you think? Is she Ready?

Runtz is ready, what do you think?


Its a nice looking plant! Does look like there are still a few white pistils on some foxtails, makes it difficult to tell imo. Have you taken a look at trichomes under magnification?


dbrn32, Ty! To me as well, I just wanted to see if these 50’s :eyes: could still tell with glasses and things. Pics were taken with a 10x and iPhone XR. I’ll see if I can remember which one was which, LOL. Ready! to make new wax, strong meds! These 3 10x

These pics are from the IPhone

same plant Runtz, :eyes: at this bud, different see
hope you guys and gals enjoy the pics!
Super Lemon :lemon: Mac, Sour Tangie, next inline, I’ll will keep you posted.


Still really hard to get good look at trichomes there. From what I could see, I don’t think I would harvest quite yet.

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Dbrn32, this is Super Lemon Mac


That’s purty! You could probably harvest that whenever you are ready.

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Dbrn32, harvest I did, and I won the dollar bet that it was gonna be over 4 oz, it was 5.3 not bad for first time growing in a tent. Oh how I wish I was growing trees again. Outside that Super lemon Mac plant, would of been a beautiful tree with fat budz! It’s still great medicine :fire:. Blackjack is next! Then Sour Tangie!

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Sour Tangie

So we’ll see which 1 is first



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Oh man. I wish mine looked like that. what light do have?

Beachglass, I have the Maxsisun 4000, Dimmable remote, 400 watts it’s been a sic buy! Runtz! The last babies to go in the tent, finished first and is :fire:. Super lemon Mac, finished 2nd is the creeper high veg you out! High! Don’t worry you’ll have buds bigger then these watch and see, if I didn’t have the heating issue with 5 plants flowering my temps got 86, scary stuff, thought I’d was going to be garbage. So good luck on your grow and Happy Growin

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