What do you think about my strategy?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I certainly appreciate the opportunity to speak on this. Since deciding to grow, I have done extensive research on the Super closet 300 led and will purchase in a couple weeks. Also, I have been absorbing what you (and only you) have been instructing as to how to cultivate. I am also purchasing seeds from you as well. I have decided to grow 4 plants and tying them down at 90 degree angle when they are about 4 inches tall, doing the same as each branch emerges. When 3 to 4 nodes appear on each, was going to FIM each branch and on each new growth tying down at 90 degrees until flowering stage in 3 weeks. Going to use Lotus nutrients. Hopefully this course would reduce foliage and increase growth to its indoor max.
Would you offer any other instruction or correction to my strategy??
Thanks!.. Jeff

Everything sounds good besides the lighting. You are gonna need at least 2 of those lights. Actually, I just looked that up. I haven’t heard anything good about those grow boxes. You’d be better off getting a grow tent, lights and dwc

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Expect an ounce per plant