What do you think about my grow room?


A question of a fellow grower:
So, I wanted something stealthy and sort’ve large. After scheming for a bit, I decided on this metal tool cabinet idea. I purchased a 36x18x72 metal tool cabinet from eBay and made holes for ventilation and mounting. Above at the very top shelf area I have a 4’ vivosun 190 CFM fan with the silencer attachment. It’s pretty darn quiet and moves the air well for the space it’s in, Lighting wise i’m running an Electric Sky ES 180, just got it on Monday, i’m super excited about it! My cabinet as you can see, has 3 fans, 2, 4 galloon fabric pots inside are some young auto flowers, I made the trellis a few days ago, came out good, I can adjust it’s hight with the shelving mounts that came with the cabinet. It’s been maintaining a steady temperature of 81.9, or 83 in some cases, It’s hot where i’m from. Anyways, humidity levels are at a steady %50. This es180 produces some decent heat, on the count of my house is kept at 70 and its 82 in there during the day and 70 at night when my light is turned off from 1am to 7am, running 18 on 6 off by the way. This is my first grow by the way, using gai green organic dry amendments and bat guano for feed, water PH at 6.2-6.8. Please tell me what you guys think. Thank you for your time and happy growing!!


Looks nice to me. I’m only on 2nd grow. Be interested to keep an eye on ya.


That’s pretty awesome looking. You should join the forum to show it off some more. And there’s lots of experienced growers here for any help you need.


Yup. That’s definitely a sweet setup!

I agree you should make an account n get comfy around here. You’d make a nice asset to the community