What do you recommend for my setup?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I’m Canadian and cannibus is going to be legalized next month, and I’m trying to learn how to grow up to the legal amount (probably around 2 to 4 plants). With a 4500 Lumen 40 watt LED light about 4 feet long (a shop light). I’m also trying to learn what not to do for a first time grower. I was thinking of using autoflower seeds and I’m looking for beginner first step tips to see if I can try to get something going and hopefully get big buds, a short low tention controlled tops on the plants for even budding.

Your definitely going to need more light for flower if your looking for big dense buds
The light you mentioned sounds like it would be ok for germination
With leds your looking fir 35-50w per square foot of canopy or grow space depending on the quality of you led fixtures if buy the cheaper leds fixtures 50w per is best so you can size up light requirements
Always go off actual watts drawn at wall not what they say they replace
Youll need exhaust fans and circulation fans as well in tent carbon filter is smell is a issue

What strain? What size container? DWC, soil?

pH meter should be high on your list and don’t over water