What do you guys think

@MattyBear sorry I ain’t been online for a few weeks but was in a wreck but feeling better now not the best but I’m still alive I wanted to take a pick of my plants and let you see them and give me advice

tthanks alot for your guys help


@jaon7615 They look good natural light will help us see how pretty she really is and will really be able to help

Sorry to hear about your accident. Good to see you back around, but I agree with Hog, pictures in natural light would help :v:

Here you go sorry guys @Hogmaster and @MattyBear

is that any better if not I’ll take them outside tomorrow morning and take one


They look great! No need to take them outside :v:

So what stage are these in and how many hours of light you recommend @MattyBear

What strain are you growing? Auto or photoperiod? I’d have them on 18/6 or 16/8 at this stage

The smaller one is gorilla glue and the taller one is called blue dream and there both clones that my buddy gave me I’ve had them for 3 weeks prolly I have a white widow crossed with ak47 autoflowering seed I just got in mail and debating to start it now or wait lol @MattyBear

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There both autoflowering @MattyBear

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Nice! I have 4 autos outside myself and just harvested a Blue Dream a month ago. Really good smoke :v: