What do you guys think? 67 Days WWA

Trying to get better close up pics.



Looking good but I would wait a bit. She is still adding weight I believe. I have a WWa that has been flowering for around 70 days already and still is not quite ready.


I think it looks awesome!


@HMGRWN Thanks for the info

You could harvest now, it will give you a couch lock buzz . Wait a week or two and it will mellow out.
I do two harvests when mine is at this stage, one now and then wait to finish harvest.

I think the end is near! Looks great!!!

Couch lock at this point?


Yes that is my experience.

Hey there @DigitalCreep. Number of days don’t matter. I’m with @HMGRWN looks great, like you are in the harvest window. I don’t mind a little couch lock so I’d wait till I see @ 20% amber trichomes on buds (not early one on leaves). I think, to chop at peak potency you’d chop when you see a few amber on buds.

@HMGRWN @6stringT Looking for that speedy high! What you think?

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Speedy…chop soon.
I just came in from checking my plants. Black sugar is showing a handful of ambers. So I went out, grabbed a coffee can of ice water and flushed the sweet thing. She’ll dry out in the tent. Now for 2-3 days then chop and hang. At that time I’m thinking she’ll have@ 10% amber. Starting to stink nice now too.


Love it bro

Looking VERY good . . . :shushing_face:

About 8 weeks of flower for a racy high. I like WW. I grow photos. I harvest at about 8 weeks and also between 10-11 weeks. Good pain meds.

Best 10 minutes on the when and the why of harvesting…

A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp

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Your girls are gorgeous