What Do you guy's and gal's think is it?

Oh the soil pH is 6.5.

I also discovered this

As if he color is fading on that particular leaf edge.

She’s growing everyday but at a slow pace. I’m just going to let her be and see where or how far she’ll go. Hoping to harvest something. I have more seeds and just learning from my mistakes. I’ve already kill so many plants… it’s all a learning curve! I’m getting there! :rofl:

Looks ok. As for high TDS, it’s going to be as your soil mix is rich in nutes. I don’t worry about run off readings till around 4 weeks. Early run off is washing nutes out of the soil.

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She’s around 28 to 30 days old so she’s about 4 weeks old.

I would keep a check on it. Water just enough to get small run off to test. Work with ph water and some Cal-mag. When you start to test low on TDS, then you start nutes. In time you’ll be able to read your ladies and give em what they need.

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Thank you Tegrity.

I am brand new but I think your girl looks great. Please say more about the 1774 on the tds meter.

Thank you @ DaveOgren… what do you mean? The tds is 1774 which means is to high for her at this stage I assume.

Basically there’s too much nutrients.Which I think can burn her or she’ll stop taking in the nutes. Is an organic grow so it’s all in the soil because of the fertilizer of course. And teas I’ve given her.

By the way the seed is from this website.

Thank you. I am still trying to learn about tds meters. I have a Bluelab pH pen being delivered Monday. What would be the best tds meter to get? Thank you in advance.

@Audiofreak and @AlienBrew are giving you sound advice with watering only in the medium you’re using. It’s organic and contains enough nutrients to last you through week 4-5. You’ll risk nitrogen toxicity by feeding this early. Less is always best, lockout and toxicity damage can take some needless effort to correct along with growth issues :love_you_gesture:

TDS meters are easy almost any 12/15 dollar amazon pen will do. You did right spending on the Ph pen!

Thanks you incognito your right those are my two worries lockout and nitrogen toxicity. She already show signs of burn tips and the darkening of some of her leafs most the the older ones which gives an early sign that something’s wrong also I think she’s grow slowly. I think the real thing to do is flush her but would most likely stress her or stop growth or both. :man_shrugging:t2:

Have you taking a TDS (PPM) reading to see how much nutrients are in your medium?

Especially at this stage where she’s about 4 weeks give or take 2 days.

Yes I did this morning was at TDS 1774

Yes bluelab is a very good meter! I own one as well @ DaveOgren.

That reading showed (to me) there is still a good amount of “food” in the soil. Give Ph waters till it drops down between 800/1000 then start feeding, half strength at first and watch her responce.