What Do you guy's and gal's think is it?

Hello everyone! I’m new here and to growing! So far I’m growing just one plant ( Northern light’s) since I’ve killed a few over a year of trying to get it right.
So I’m wondering if this plant is suffering from nitrogen toxicity. So here we go:

1).Northern light’s Auto

2). 3 Gallon fabric pot

3). Happy frog & Ocean forest

3).Grow tent is a 48”x36”x72”

4). SPIDER FARMER SF-2000 LED And the SF- 1000 both is in the grow tent

So the plant is 25 to 27 days in already.
last week of June she sprouted between 2 to 3 days after I put her in the soil. She sprouted with a helmet head because I didn’t buried her deep enough she spend 2 days with the seed attached. Before putting her (seed)in the soil I add some fertilizer and didn’t wait for the cooking process to happen in the soil she went in the same day. So I guess I cook the seed in the soil as well. Alone with a swings with the humidity also over watering.

My question is does this plant looks to be having a nitrogen toxicity problem? She is growing everyday and with new leaf production. But her leafs are looking a dark green I have 10 pictures over the course of a week starting from the 15 of July to today the 21. Oh I also have given her two teas first one was straight up and the other was diluted with regular water. Also I this she is a little smaller for her age. I know auto’s are small but shouldn’t this plant be a bit bigger?

Oh I also forgot to mention I top dress with the flower fertilizer about 2 to 3 days ago.

I know I’m doing to much to this plant.
Any good help would be Appreciate! Thank you!

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She looks fat and happy. In that soil you shouldn’t have to feed her for 4/6 weeks.

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Thanks Audiofreak!

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My worries was how on the second picture she looks a darker green like in the middle.

Ok so just plain watering. Cool!!

PH water! Do you have a Ph meter? Also a TDS meter.? If not get one of each!

Right i got that. 6.1 to 6.8. the fertilizer I’m using buffers the soil so I’m actually just mixing water sounds dumb to do but I’m having trouble with my ro water filters as the alkaline filter doesn’t seem to be stabilizing the pH so I get fluctuations. So I’m using spring water mix with my ro water to stabilizer the water.

Yes I have a bluelab and a HM digital pH pen


Dont know much about that water as I just use tap. I’d lay off the neuts a bit. Do fill out that info so we see exactly what you are doing so you get the correct Info back!!!next water use ph water (6.5) to runoff and ck TDS that will let you know what’s left in the soil.

Looks like a green crack I got, small but lots of potential.

A little tip. If those devices and ac strips have led lights on them??? Tape the led over so no light is seen.

Based on how she looks, how did u come up with nitrogen toxicity? To much nitrogen during early growth can permanently stunt growth, and prevent full potential. Problems ur not experiencing, she looks great. With the medium ur using the supplied nutes contained n the FF soils should keep ur lady fed for several weeks. As for watering, do what u have to do, just make sure it’s properly ph’d, and don’t over water, wait for a light weight pot before watering. Also it’s way to early to b dressing with flower fertilizer, ur getting ahead of ur self, let’s get to flowering stage first. U just seem to b over thinking things, it’s not really that hard. Good luck, u will succeed at this. :ok_hand::ok_hand::+1:


I think it’s a happy healthy plant! Congratulations and keep up the good work

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I agree with @Audiofreak , you definitely don’t need to be feeding! That soil will feed them for several weeks.

@ AlienBrew the nitrogen toxicity comes from me thinking I burn her due to add fertilizer in the soil and not waiting the two weeks recommend on the fertilizer package. Here I’ll show you

This picture shows an older leaf that’s a darker green.

And this picture shows a darker green color on the tip of the leaf.

I was thinking about a flush since I added the flower fertilizer in a few days ago and she’s not ready I was just following the instructions on the package, it instructs to top dress at 3 weeks. So it can give it time to become available by the time she start to pre flower since it takes 2 week for the fertilizer to be available. I’m doing an organic grow and didn’t want to use pH up or down in the medium.In one of my grow books it say take care of the soil and the soil will take care of the plant, as the soil is a living thing as well. But I don’t wanted stress the plant out and stop growth regarding going forward with the flush. I’m just going to be plain watering her.
I’m just going to leave her alone and see what happens.

@ Tegrity you and Audiofreak is right regarding the feeding. But it’s already done I add the top dressing of flower fertilizer nearly a week ago.

Thank you Mr wormwood.

Thank you AlienBrew!

So today I tested her tds and it’s 1774. Yikes!