What do you do with your trimmings/shake

I’m headed to your concentrates blog. I need to find an economical apparatus to extract. I can’t afford the $600+ machine. Thanks for all your help. Between you and @Newt, I hope I’m into the edibles, at least at the very beginner level, next week.

You can do a lot with the Levo that you have. But you’ll struggle to get known dosages. I still make infusions with my Ardent, and use that for CannaCaps and I have used it for edibles. Look for “budder” recipes.

So, is there no economical way to do an alcohol extraction?

If you don’t mind not reclaiming the used alcohol, you can just evaporate it off into the air. You just have to determine how many bottles of alcohol you can lose before you could have paid for some way to reclaim it.


I have been giving it to my oldest. She has the time to cook it and enjoys eating it more than the smoking. Fits perfect with me!
Now that I have a rotation going she has been quite pleased!! Me too!!! :grinning:
Happy growing!


@Prock Funny how ‘we’ growing benefits ‘our’ whole group lol.


As it should be. Pay it forward, they will be there when you need them!!
Got to keep the karma cup full at all times!!


Excellent. I’m going to study my way through this end of things now. I have my bags in the freezer – waiting for the fun to begin.

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