What do you do with herm plants?

I just noticed these pods on one stem. From what I have to compare to I believe this is a herm. Am I right? If so what do I do with it?

That appears to be so. Have any of them opened? If they’ve already opened not much you can do. How many plants in there and how many appear that way?

If you can, repost those pics with only a single pic per post so I can zoom in on them please. Have you checked for light leaks or had any issues with lighting?


You have a Hem with big nugs, if it is with other plants move it quickly and carefully as the nugs look close to popping, put it in a plastic bag and seal it tight. Had a closer look and it looks like some may have opened already, sorry mate.

Here’s one pic

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I looked all over and didn’t see any more bulbs.
One fell pod opened in my hand and I realized what it was I cut that stem off. Honestly I think I contained the pollen in my hand. I know if my fan blew some of it then it could be anywhere.
I have one other plant in the space. These plants were cheap seeds given to me so I don’t have anything but time invested. What I’ve learned from them is far more valuable to me.

When I switched them to 12 hours I had light leaks the first day or two. I got all of that covered right away. The only other thing I noticed a few nights ago when the lights were out was when the heater kicks on it has a red led on.
If using cold water could cause it then maybe. I had a few nights where I didn’t wait for my tap water to warm up (then ph it).
It’s also been just plane ol cold and I’m sure some days having my grow room door open longer than maybe I should have.

If it opened you can likely expect the rest of your crop to be pollinated. Especially if the fan was going. It doesn’t take much. Make sure to thoroughly clean your grow space once you’re done (whether you finish them out or pull them) so you don’t pollinate your next batch.

So with they continue to flower to the point of harvesting? I take it since there’s pollen in the picture now all the buds will contain more seeds?
If the future for either of my plants looks hopeless I’ll go pull them out tonight.

Likely the genetics of the seeds that caused it.

Remove the herm, very carefully. Monitor the rest of your plants. There’s still a chance they weren’t pollinated

I agree. These seeds came from some junk online store in China. Got like 200 seeds for a few bucks. I got them to practice on. I have learned quite a bit growing them not expecting to ever have gotten them to this point. A few of them were awesome looking but they turned out a definite male.

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Rest In Peace

I appreciate the help. Next time I’ll watch the light issues.


Now if your other plants don’t show signs of hermaphroditism, you can finish the harvest. If they were pollinated, they will have some seeds but you should still have smokable product. But either way, thoroughly clean your grow space when you’re done.

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I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the only one left in there now. I’ll clean it very well.
I appreciate your help. This site has been the best help so many times.


If they have been pollinated, you can let them finish and have even more seeds.

Take him outside, say a prayer, and light a match

I’m going to keep that plant and let it finish. The reason is my other plant is showing the same thing. SOoooo I don’t have anything to lose at this point. I’m glad I didn’t turn the first one into charcoal today.

I hear theres a method to germ seeds to make them female…

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