What do you do will old bud from previous years?

I know, it’s is such a tough spot to be in. But what do people do with old bud? I have some from 2017, 18 and 19. This years harvest was huge so there isn’t a need for some of this. I already make salves and tinctures as that is what we primarily use it for. Edibles are not huge on my list.

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Do you know anyone that needs it especially medical patients. Be an awesome gift.


I do not have anyone that needs any at this time, but do pass it on to anyone that needs it.

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Rosin, or extract is always a fun thing people want


Make hash


What everyone else said!! So many ways. Just don’t throw it out. That would be cannabis abuse!! :rofl::sweat_smile::joy::drooling_face::v::call_me_hand:


I find it pretty easy to donate or find somebody to give it to. There is ways to give it away without exposing yourself. Good luck


My wife is really I’ll and in tons of pain. (Long term muscle and bone deterioration) So if your looking for a patient let me know. I’m just an old disabled hippie/vet.
No hustle here I just hate seeing my wife not being able to do anything or enjoy her time with our grandbaby. But other than that oil or press is my opinion for older bud. Concentrates are nice to have on hand. Easy to store.


Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I will see what I can do.

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Where do you live Fishhunter?

Probably a long way from anywhere. Right on the Arkansas border dead center in the state. Around Branson.

Too bad, if your were here I would give it all to you.

Not sure what area your located.

I am in WA State.

I think I’d be making a road trip lol


I have an old lad that I give to. Poor soul is crippled with pain in his back and neck. He tried various grows in the past and gave up declaring it snake oil and nonsense. With a bit of encouragement from his grandson he now uses mine and is finally managing to sleep at night. Feels good knowing he’s benefiting from it


Yeah it’s Always good to help somebody if you can. I know a couple they have a hard time making ends meet. I slide little bit their way. Also around holidays I always have a couple favorite bartender.


Yeah…we used to live in Ocean Shores WA. We were out there for 15 years in Washington.


Have your ever thought of getting a rosin press? Dulytek has one I am looking at and I can pay it off through either Afterpay or Sezzle and that makes it even more attractive. I use wax for my topicals.

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I have not considered that. I will check them out and see what I think. Thanks!

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