What do YOU do when you're high?


OMG, I just started watching old Bob Ross Oil Painting videos, from the 80’s, on YouTube…so relaxing and so soothing…

puff, puff, pass…


Mostly try and reduce the stress on my heart.
I also use it to relieve pain from permanent damage to my neck and shoulders. To help me sleep.
Nothing really exciting I guess. It has truly become a great medicine for me.

Bob Ross is great sober or not!


Bob Ross OG.image

Depends on what I’m smoking. Indicas, documentaries/movies on Netflix. Sativas, I’m cleaning house, washing cars, cutting grass, staying busy.


play guitar and read alot online or gardening,along with the bong smoking olympics, gold everytime,hee hee :slight_smile:


I use for daily pain relief so I pretty much do everything!

I go dig up some classic rock, southern rock or country music and relax! @super_newby


i usually study high…for some reason I can study for 6hrs straight and retain information a whole lot better


Read grow journals. Lol


I do not go to work high… So besides that, I do everything else high…