What do you do to prepare your outdoor grow site?


Hey Larry, Last year was my first year growing outdoors here in Northern Oregon… I too was concerned. I did a lot of research and went with Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil. It was fantastic for me…I dug holes that were 3’ in diameter and 2’ deep and filled with the Ocean Forest


East County San Diego here. Just put some seeds in the starter pots. High neighbor!


Howdy, gal!


HI! yea I grew outdoors 2yrs ago, and had 3 plants and did really really well. I grew it in my veggie garden, so the soil was really good. and the results were very good too!
But last year, when I was in the process of moving, instead of growing at my current house, I went out to the property and grew, but was not out there full time, so i watered whenever I was out there, but dont think I was able to be out here enough, and beside the soil being not good at all, the crop was a total failure.
But now being here full time, and knowing I have to amend the soil, im hoping for better results this year. But to ensure that, I am going to be growing in the ground and also in some pots.
I do start my seeds early indoors,and yes its about 6 weeks.
thanks for any other advice you can give me!


that sounds like what i have done in the past, or the first of March. Can I ask about were are you? what state?


Well the greenhouse I use is indoors


Northern Ca by Oregon border, having some wild weather now, hands full keeping our road open ( 3.5 miles private mountain dirt road)


This has nothing to do with growing or preparing your soil for outdoor grow, but I have a small indoor grow right now, and it is doing alot better than I would have thought. The pots are only like 2 gallon size, since I didnt have the room, but the plants look good! They are still in the veggie stage, but I am happy! Cant wait till I can start my babies for outdoor grow!!


They can actually do better inside. Inside they get 18 or 12 hours of light. Outside, the total insolation is equivalent to 5-7 hours of full sun. If you have enough lights inside, they can get 2 or 3 times as much light as outside!