What do wpm spores look like under 60x to 100x magnification?

I picked up a Carson pocket microscope a couple grows ago to make checking trichomes a little easier on my failing peeps. Once you get the hang of using it works quite well. Maybe too well, I’m seeing all kinds of strange stuff now. And I’m not sure what a lot of it is, so what I’m hoping for is ; Can somebody post some pictures of WPM spores at 60x to 100x magnification??? So hopefully I can rule that dreaded crap out!
I wish now I had sprung the xtra $ for a digital scope that you can plug in and download images with but didn’t so I will try attaching a crude sketch of the difference junk I’m seeing. Please excuse the kindergarten level drawing, Art was never my strong suit.
Plants are looking fine (no white stuff to naked eye) but there are several suspicious looking “growth’s” of some kind that concern me. Just started week 3 of 12/12 under 1000w hps, temps run 74 to 82 or so and we’re in nevada desert so RH average is around 20%.
In spite of all that that nasty WPM has figured out a way to survive, no Thrive here. Real appreciate any pic’s from anybody with the gizmo to post 'em. Thanks PM

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Wait until you see some of those little monsters you have been smoking…:>)

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