What do we have here?

A plant (Green Crack) in my grow closet ebb & Flow setup is a few days into flush.
I am seeing what looks like nothing I’ve seen before…the tops of the buds are turning white! It resembles the white shoots that are seem during flower, but it’s way, way beyond that.
The photos are not touched, and the glow on the buds is just as you see it.
Any ideas what is going on??



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Looks like light bleaching


I agree. I had a White Widow do the same thing.

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Light bleaching. Raise your lights. This is hurting your buds’ potency.

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Good lights will do that . Too close , I agree .

Thanks for the quick responses.
I have raised the light, and although this plant is in the final stages before harvest (4-5 days left) is there anything I need to do?
Is it going to damage the whole plant?
Should I cut off the bleached part?

I have 3 various plants totalling 6. One plant only has a few underneath leaves and 2 fan leaves have turned yellow. With black spots gave root enzymes and H20. Why each plant gets exactly the same amount of solutions H20 every other day once a week fert veg state 3 weeks 5 layers of fan leave growth. One other plant after fertilizing shot up 2" in 24 hours. This happened one my 1st grow that failed due to two weeks of fertilizer everyday lost all those no smell, but gets you high a little sticky.

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