What do u think of my grow


First outdoor grow any suggestions

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There looking pretty dam good there buddykeep up the good work and keep us poisted if you don’t mind.

B Safe

Don’t mind at all I thought I should share I don’t see to much outdoor grow post

Here are a few of mine

An if you want to keep up-to-date information will start a forum

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There are a few around. But like you said not that many


Very nice sounds like a great idea

@joshawa He has a thread going now that’s all he needs and a forum is a complete ly different thing


OK topic or thread however you want

If I sounded rude I didn’t mean to I apologise @joshawa.


Likewise buddy I don’t use words well I was just correcting myself so want is a former @garrigan62

Not quite sure what you mean but garrigan is Irish and I’m 63 now. …of old school Irish from Boston

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Hi Deebay … I grow outdoors too. I’ll be putting my seeds in the pots this weekend. Last year I had 7 in pots and planted the first of May. My plants were easily 7-8 feet tall, so I decided to wait until June 1 to plant this year.

You’re right … not a whole lot of outdoor growers. Keep us posted and as soon as my seeds sprout, I’ll start posting some pictures. This will be my 3rd year growing outside. Wish I could grow indoors as I think overall it’s safer to keep hidden. The first time offense for growing in my state is 5 years, so I’m really concerned about being stealth.

I started a topic somewhere (can’t remember where) called Outdoor Grow and posted pictures of my plants and their progress last year. I’ll see if I can do a search and find it for you.

Best of everything,
This is the link to my blog from last year.

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Deebay … Your plants look great. Do you live somewhere sunny? How did they get so big growing outdoors this early in the season?

Joshawa … Your plants look really good too. They are so big already. Did you start them indoors?

Keep up the good work,

Started indoor I live in California

Started mine March 10 then put them out April 10 I live in Oklahoma an all the rain and nutes have done great for them

I was asking what a forum was but spelling sucks

And I’ll be making brownies this weekend LOL I went to that thread where you had all that brownie drama and got a few recipes now I think I’ll give it a try

…good luck with your gardening this weekend! :slight_smile: :wink:

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