What do these numbers mean?

I read a blog the other day given numbers pH, ec, and ppm for each growth cycle and can’t find it now lol… I have had good results so far and have not had sick plants so never checked my numbers. Turns out my soil pH 7.3 my well water has 7.3 ec 516 ppm 257… with fertilizer in flower cycle pH 6.4 ec 1078 ppm 542… are these okay?

During vegg I keep my ppm between 700 and if growing fast 900. Once you hit flower pump it up to low 1000s. @latewood has stated that marijuana flowered around 1100-1200 ppm was best tasting. In soil keep your ph between 6.3 and 6.8. Anything else?


Thank you very much, im trying to learn make anything to help my girls. New to this site but thankful for all you guys.


this site has a FREE download of a grow book. very good information there.