What do my tricomes look like this

Super silver haze day 35 of 42 in flower.
Why do these tricomes have so many cloudy and amber but my buds look so little. Are they really going to gain that much in a week? It did get nute burn a couple weeks ago. Can this cause the tricomes to do this?

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You can’t go by a schedule, the plants are ready when they are ready and yours have several weeks left.

The nice looking white pistils that form the heart of the bud are the tell tale sign. As long as those pistils are big, white and fluffy they have a ways to go. Those pistils will first start to shrink and turn brown. Once that happens you can start checking trichomes.


I understand that, but I’ve never had buds with that many white hairs show that many amber and cloudy trichomes. Usually they would all still be clear. If they keep turning I won’t have any cloudy or clear ones left when it’s ready to harvest. I knew it wasn’t ready to harvest yet. Just don’t know about them turning so early, I dont want to end up with trichomes that are actually loosing potency because they go past the amber point and start to degrade…


That’s all sugar leaf except for the first pic which is still early calyx. There will be many more calyx that grow as she fattens up. As they spit out more calyx they will start out clear and turn cloudy and repeat. Once all the pistils have receded tells you that it’s done building calyx and you want those outers to be cloudy/amber.


Like they pretty much said, there’s no reason to be checking trichs right now. A healthy plant will continue to produce new. When pistils start receding then start checking the trichs on buds.